Faithful Friend Animal Memories - Pet Cremation Services

Faithful Friend Animal Memories - Pet Cremation Services

Serving Billings MT and the Surrounding Area

We are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each pet's family and to assisting with your final farewells. We offer several options to help you memorialize your pet in a dignified, caring manner.

Private Exclusive:
With the Private Exclusive package, your pet is cremated alone in the chamber. The ashes are returned in your choice of either a wooden or ceramic urn. A brass name plate is included at no extra charge. You will also receive a certificate of cremation. One portion of a small memorial heart is placed with your pet's cremains. The urn is returned to you along with a certificate of cremation, including the remaining portion of the memorial heart.

Private Cremation:
If you choose the Private cremation, your pet will share the chamber with others; however, they are kept completely separate.

Cremains are processed to a fine ash and returned in your choice of a ceramic or wooden urn. If you choose, a brass name plate can be added for a small fee. As with the Private Exclusive, one portion of a memorial heart is placed with the cremains, and the other is returned with the cremation certificate.

Group cremations are available for owners who do not desire to have their pet returned to them. A card certifying the pet's cremation is sent to the owner and ashes are spread over our Happy Tails dog park or our wildlife area - a beautiful final resting place for your faithful friend.